Very good remedial massage

by Loren de Jong.


Who needs a massage? 

(clue: everybody does)

Do you have aches and pains or feel like you 'slept/lived wrong'? 
You need a massage.

Do you have headaches that make you want to scream, except that screaming would totally make it worse?
You need a massage.

Do you have stress, super-crazy high heels, a sadistic personal trainer, a baby or a phone that you can't bear to put down?
You definitely need a massage.

Hi, I'm Loren.  I'm a remedial massage therapist and I LOVE what I do. I work 3 days a week at Melbourne's best loved remedial massage clinic (google it- it's sweet sounding and top of the list), but this here is me doing my very own thing. You can book online (or call me) for a treatment at beautiful Prana House or contact me direct for mobile in-home treatments.

I trained at Southern School of Natural Therapies,  and use a wide range of remedial techniques and tools, depending on the specific needs of my clients. To design a treatment that is just for you, I ask loads of questions, use plenty of physical assessment and I'm always, ALWAYS watching you ;)  Because yeah, it's true- every body has a story, and I'm curious as hell about yours.

I'm a proud member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia and a registered provider for all major Australian private health funds. 


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