Remedial massage magic

by Loren de Jong.


Hi, I'm Loren.  I'm a new-school, problem solving therapist who doesn't believe in eye-watering muscle obliteration, or gentle body polishing.   I DO believe there are infinite ways to approach soft tissue complaints and my mission is to find the combo that works for you on the day. I enjoy each client's surprise and delight at having been heard, had a treatment that actually helped them, and to be getting on with their day feeling relaxed and spoilt.

I trained at Southern School of Natural Therapies,  and use a wide range of remedial techniques to design a treatment that is just for you. I ask loads of questions, use plenty of physical assessment and I'm always watching and listening closely. Massage is not ACTUAL magic, but with the right therapist, it is pretty bloody great. 

You can book online for a treatment at The Neighbourhood Clinic or contact me direct for mobile in-home treatments. I'm a proud member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia and a registered provider for all major Australian private health funds. 


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